Chalk and Cheese Films

Who are Chalk and Cheese Films?

We at CCF believe we have something to offer. We are confident in our work and feel we could make a contribution to any film company. We have several new/original and exciting scripts, which, we’re sure, would be of interest to you. All of our scripts are crammed with strong, innovative material.

Our motivation is completing a treatment worth viewing and affording the viewer the benefit of intelligence, as opposed to, regurgitating the same old tired formulas – At CCF we believe, we write, the way scripts should be written, with believable, emotive characters and gripping storylines.

With the amount of dross that gets made and the amounts of money involved, it frustrates us that nobody takes a risk (or takes the time to check on new talent) because a writer is unproven. Surely a good writer writes good stories, proven or unproven.

As you can see, we are passionate about films, it’s why we started writing…….

“NONE SHALL SLEEP is a pacy and involving read and the idea of a modern day gangster film set in Soho is an appealing concept. The script creates a strong, atmospheric sense of Soho.”

Emma Norton

Development Editor, Film 4

“NONE SHALL SLEEP is the type of script EVERY actor looks for”

Tony Flanagan

Shameless / Cracker

“We thought NONE SHALL SLEEP was good enough to copy and send to Tim Roth’s US agent.”

Pippa Markham

Agent, Markham & Frogget

“Having read NONE SHALL SLEEP, I think you have created something special”

Peter Howlett

Actor / Director