Writers & Bio's

Stuart Gambazza

Stuart Gambazza was born in London. He grew up in Fulham attended St Thomas Moore school in Chelsea. Stuart has worked in advertising for over 25 years and has worked for the Evening Standard and Computing. More recently, he has been running his own successful, advertising agency, Chalk and Cheese Media. More recently, he formed a writing collaboration with Steve Mills. Stuart and his wife (Lucy) and daughter (Ava) live in Brentwood, Essex. Stuart has had two short stories published – One night stand and Infidelity and me, the latter was read by over 150,000 readers.

Steve Mills

Steve Mills was born in the East End of London, where he went to school at St Martin’s. Steve has worked in Sales for all his adult life, selling cutting edge technology to blue chip, international companies. As well as writing, Steve’s other passion is oil painting and has sold various commissioned artwork. Steve is married to Hilary and lives in Essex.

So far, Steve and Stuart have completed 5 full screenplays, with others in the pipeline:


NONE SHALL SLEEP – Definitive London gangster movie. The Long Good Friday meets Pulp Fiction.

HOLLYWOOD CALLING – 2 guys rebuild their lives by writing a script that, against the odds, is a hit. Great likable characters, funny, sexy and a feel good story.

BLACKOUT – Caper movie about a high value art thief who steals to order. Fantastic London backdrops, art, love, betrayal, revenge.

HALFWAY TO HEAVEN – Super natural thriller where life meets death. Cracking plot, with a twist. ‘Halfway to Heaven’ dares to ask questions like what if you had a guardian angel?

PLAT1NG – looks at life through the eyes of Platers (Car thieves) – What makes them tick? The thrill of the chase and of course, how women and cars are really quite similar! No-one said stealing £500m would be easy.

REWIND – Jim is on his way to achieving a gambling miracle. If the last horse in his accumulator can just win its race, Jim is set for life. The question is not what to do with the money but how long has he got to enjoy it?

FIGHTING THE ZOO – Washed up alcoholic MI6 Officer is sent to Hong Kong for one last mission. Is it a set up, who is the real enemy, the Chinese, his own people or a mysterious world drug gang.