An original screenplay by Stuart Gambazza and Steve Mills

This is a world where unscrupulous and uber wealthy art collectors will go to any length to own a masterpiece or even better a pair of related masterpieces.

Blackout is a sophisticated screenplay that explodes at an electric pace in the backstreets of Milan and transfers through the Italian and British penal systems to London’s most salubrious backdrops. The main UK scenes are a luxurious Thames side apartment block and the bars and restaurants of Chelsea and Knightsbridge.

Jonny Class is a high class art thief who steals to order. He is ‘fitted up’ for a Milan art robbery by an old criminal associate but he is unsure who. Jonny has an unsubstantiated reputation for stealing the Edmund Munch masterpiece that has never been found.

Jonny is suddenly plucked from an Italian prison and transferred to the UK to finish his time in England where he meets a Raymond de la Troy an ageing gay art collector (possibly Michael Caine) who is inside for tax evasion and handling stolen art. Raymond is very articulate, wealthy and utterly ruthless, he lives mostly in the Mediterranean. He makes a deal with Jonny to steal a pair of Monets from his arch rival, Eric Bowman.

Eric Bowman (Bill Nighy type) lives in the penthouse of the most luxurious Thames side apartment block in Chelsea. He is reputed to have a fantastic collection of impressionist art on the walls and maybe a few pictures that are ‘hot’. He is Raymond de la Troy’s arch enemy in the art world. The apartment block has state of the art security, power back-up and an in-house security team ran by an ex-copper.

There is a strong rumour that Eric Bowman posses 2 Claude Monets hanging on the wall of a secure safe room within his apartment. The screenplay details the intricate relationships between the main protagonists and Jonny’s favoured way of stealing which is to take down all the local power in the given area, hence the title Blackout!

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