Halfway to Heaven

‘Where Life Meets Death’


By Stuart Gambazza and Steve Mills

‘Halfway to Heaven’ is a screenplay describing how Jimmy Cliff has three chance meetings with strangers in the middle of the night. All three strangers have a dark secret, a secret that will ultimately save James Cliff’s life.

Set in 1999 in and around Fulham, London. ‘Halfway to Heaven is set over a two-week period in the lives of Jimmy Cliff, his girlfriend Polly and their families. A varied soundtrack has been included with the each track complementing the relevant scene.

The film’s main character is the 21 year old James Cliff, who is a streetwise and brave young man. His spooky encounters with seemingly ‘unusual’ people in strange situations are for a reason, but why?

Halfway to Heaven dares to ask questions like what if you had a guardian angel? Would they be able to openly help you? Would you know you were being helped?

Could ‘deals’ be made with your maker? What happens when life meets death?

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