Hollywood Calling

An original screenplay by


Stuart Gambazza and Steve Mills

Hollywood Calling is a comedy story about two friends, Jamie Forrest and Paulo Cabrini. The pair has arrived at their mid-thirties and a sequence of events radically changes their lives.

Fate dictates that at the same time, the two unlikely friends leave their respective partners and comfortable life-styles. Economic necessity encourages them to share a house. Ultimately, after a number of escapades involving women, drugs, the police, and a mouse, they find that their ‘chalk & cheese’ friendship makes for a dynamic writing relationship

Paulo Cabrini a likeable rouge. He is first generation Italian ex-pat, with an eye for the ladies and a ferocious but doting elderly Mamma. Paulo was plucked from the comfort of South-West London to settle with his wife and the ‘horsey set’ in the countryside. Whilst Paulo excels at his media job there is little fulfillment. The chance pairing with Jamie catches Paulo’s imagination and he realises that he has his own creative calling.

Jamie Forrest is a corporate high-flyer who has become disillusioned with his ‘perfect’ materialistic relationship and ‘successful’ career. All he really wants in life is to finish writing his novel and paint pictures. Jamie’s girlfriend is a Newspaper board director who is so wrapped up in her own career that she does not understand his creative desires.

The story tracks Jamie’s evolution from ‘corporate man’ to creative writer and painter.

Writing the screenplay starts as a diversion from drink, women and football. However it gradually dawns on the pair that they are producing something special.

All through the screenplay, the house answer-machine features heavily. Jamie and Paulo parody several famous films and TV theme-tunes adding their own ‘off the wall’ messages. Finally, they get a call from Hollywood.

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