None Shall Sleep

The fight for London

By Stuart Gambazza and Steve Mills

Definitive London gangster movie. The Long Good Friday meets Pulp Fiction.

‘None Shall Sleep’ is a screenplay describing a violent period in the lives of a London based Italian ex-patriot family. The story details the Rossini family’s struggle to maintain their hold on Soho’s vice, illegal gambling and protection rackets.

The rivals for their lucrative territory are a ruthless Yardie gang of drug dealers, heterogeneously led by a highly sophisticated and well-educated black ex-lawyer.

Set in Soho, ‘None Shall Sleep’ also utilises unique London landmarks such as The National Gallery, Battersea Power Station and Westminster Bridge. The action takes place over the five-week period of the Italia ’90 World Cup Finals (June to July 1990). The football is not intrinsic to the plot and acts purely as a backdrop and time framework over which the story unfolds. A varied soundtrack revives the music of the period has been included with each track complementing the relevant scene.  The majority of the Rossini family are successful restaurateurs and lead normal lives. A few members of the family are influential figures in the London Italian Mafia and control an area bordered by Shaftsbury Avenue, Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road.

The screenplay depicts the every day fabric of London Italian family life. It follows their unique way of celebrating the good times of birthdays and weddings and shares their grief in death. Whilst these dramatic family scenes are played out, the Rossini’s are challenged for their territory. A territory they have controlled without problems, for over fifty years.

The film’s main character is the 31 year old Gianluca Rossini. He is known affectionately to both his family and the locals as Luca. He is the product of three generations of Rossini. Luca’s Grandfather (Nonno) was the pioneer who first settled in London in 1939.

‘None Shall Sleep’ not only depicts Italian family life, it is a story of revenge and a betrayal of the worst kind. The betrayal comes from the very place that Luca is trying to protect, from within the family that he loves.

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