‘Where cars and women come together’

By Stuart Gambazza and Steve Mills

Who in their right minds would steal a Ferrari and then take it to Rome?

‘PL4TlNG’ looks at life through the eyes of a Plater (Car thief) – What makes them tick? The thrill of the chase and of course, how women and cars are really quite similar!

‘PL4TlNG’ is the story of 4 car thief’s who really enjoy life to the hilt, even if it is on ‘borrowed’ funds/time. So how do they hit the big time when their lifestyle dictates it’s only a matter of time before they’re ‘nicked’? How do four ‘jack the lads’ break out of their destructive lifestyle of fast cars, fast women and fast cash?

Unfortunately, our unlikely hero’s are involved with some shady business acquaintances where life is cheap but the rewards fantastic.

The loveable rogues stumble across the deal of a life-time. Although the deal would give them the status they crave, they have difficulties pulling it off.

The problem is not only do they have a policeman that’s made it his mission to put them behind bars, they are wanted dead by serious gangsters who, in their opinion are taking the food from their mouths, and what’s their connection with the Catholic Church? Nobody said stealing £500m was going to be easy?

‘PL4TlNG’ looks at how sometimes what you see is not what you get!

More importantly, how even your most trusted and closest friends can betray you just when you least expect it, but most of all, ‘Plat1ng’ shows why sometimes crime does pay.

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